Field Op #20 Cheats!

Hey Guys!

So, as on every monday, Club Penguin came out with the new field Op! So, you may be thinking; "Man, Shringo has been spending WAY to much time with Klutzy, cause it's Tuesday!". But don't! xD Because it has been quite a mystery around the island why the field ops didn't come out on time! Well, instead of me rambling on any more, I give you... The field op #20 Walk through!

First, click on your spy phone which should be flashing red.
Then, teleport to the EPF room, and walk over to the field ops station!

This message will pop up!

Snapping Noises? Hmmmmmmm... Wierd! Well, it's my job to tell you where they are coming from! Waddle on over to the mine, and walk over to the red telephone on the table!

Now You Know This game! You just have to charge up each station!

And Congratulations! You have completed field Op #20! :D

And As A bonus, you even get a stamp! (If You get more than 9 medals! Thanks Club Penguin CP For The Pic!)

Well that all for now!

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See ya around CP!

Club Penguin Party President

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