10,000 Hits Party!

Hey Guys!

So as you can see in the title, this website has finally reached 10,000 Hits!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

So Anyway, I have decided to have a party on club penguin to celebrate! Look below for details!

As It says in the invite, I REALLY Hope you can make it! It would mean so much!


-If we fill up a room, I may have a membership giveaway! So make sure you make it!

-Make Sure you have FUN!!! We are gonna be moving around and playing games and stuff, so it should be a BLAST!

I Hope You Can Make It!

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See Ya Around CP!


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  1. what server is it?

  2. Its Server Outback.
    I might be able to come, idk. I might have other things to do.


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