Rockhopper Tracker!

Sorry Guys. Rockhopper Isn't On Right Now. I'll Track When He Is Though.

More Details On Rockhopper:

Wait, So Who Is Rockhopper?

Rockhopper Is A Very Well Known CP Mascot. He Waddles Around The Island On Special Occasions, But Is Mostly Either Out On His Ship, The Migrator, Or Out On Rockhopper Island.

What Is Rockhopper Island?

Actually, It Would Be Hard For Me To Give You A Straight Out Answer, Because No One- Not Even Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Or "G" Know Where, Or What Rockhopper Island Is. I Personally Think That It Is A Far Away Tropical Island; With Palm Trees And Sand, But Nobody Can Know For Sure.

Ok, Yeah, Yeah. But How Do I Find Him?

Rockhopper Is A Red Penguin, With A Black Beard. He Tends To Be A Very Shy Penguin, And Likes To Move Around A Lot. He Actually Doesn't Tend To Be In The Same Place For Over 5 Minutes! That Is Why, With My Tracker, You an Find Him No Matter What! Rockhopper Also Has A Red Puffle Named "Yarr", But Only Shows On Rockhoppers Player and, And You Can See Him If You See Rockhopper Just Waddling Around.

Ok So I Go Through All Of This Trouble; Checking Back To Your Tracker Every Like 2 Seconds, And Whizzing Around The Island Like A Mongoose On The Loose, And Do I Even Get   A Reward?

Yes You Do!! When You Find Rockhopper You Will Get 2 Things:

One: You Will Get A Stamp For Being In The Same Room As Him!

And Two: Once You Click On His Player Card, There Is A Little Box Icon, Right Where The "Add Buddy" Sign Would Be:

Psst! This Is Enlarged Is You Can't Tell Already! :D

Anyway, If You Click On The Box, You Will Be Able To Get A Background!

Other Information:

Rockhopper Came Back With A NEW Background! Here Is What It Looks Like:

Well, With That Said... Happy Tracking!!!

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See Ya Around CP!


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