Many New Updates!

Hey Guys!

In today's news, I am going to be talking about many updates going on around the island!!!

For one, let's start off with a race!! In the Club Penguin Times, CP has informed everyone that there is going to be a HUGE race!

Here is what some of the teems had to say:

Team Red: 

The 100 meter waddle is definitely gonna be our game!

Team Yellow:

We've been perfecting our jackhammering stills. It's our first time out but we are READY!

Team Green:

We're Gonna laugh to the top of the podium! We've got snowball precision!

Team Blue:

We have practiced ALL of the events. We work together, we're strong, and we will win.

Thanks For Letting Us Know Guys! I Can't Wait!

So What team are you either in or rooting for? Drop me a comment and tell everyone what you think!

In Other News, it seems like the black puffle is going to join us in cart surfing! Check out the article CP wrote about it!

Click HERE to read it Now!

Well, thats all for now!

Until next time...

Waddle On!

And as always...

See Ya Around CP!

Club Penguin Party President


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