Back To School With A New Better Igloos Catalog!

Hello Penguins!

Today I Would Like To Share With You he Catalog Secrets For September 2010!!!

Unfortunately, There Is Only One Catalog Cheat This Month, But Here It Is Anyway!

So, If You Want To, Look Through The Catalog Right Here, And Tell Me Which Item's Your Favorite!

But Wait! I Have Just Been Informed By Yelley2061 That There Is Actually Another Hidden Item!!! I Am Really Sorry Guys! Here Is Is:

All You Have To Do To Get It, Is Click On The Mouse!!

So Until Next Time...

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See Ya Around CP!

Club Penguin Party President :D


  1. Shringo! Theres another hidden item! Click on the mouse of the computer!!!! Please give me credit.


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