New Buddy Glitch!

Hey Guys!

As You May Know, I have Been On And Off CP A lot Today, And Every Time That I Went On, It Said That I Had A Buddy On Northern Lights. But, Every Time I Logged In To Northern Lights, When I looked At My Buddy List, It Said That I Didn't Have Any On!

Anyway, I figured, "Hey, Maybe They Just Logged Off The Same Time I Logged In, But It Just Kept On Happening! Here Is What I Mean:

I Would Go To The Log In Screen, Then Click On Northern Lights. (Because It Said That I Had A Buddy There.)

Then After I Logged In, I would See Who Was On Just Out Of Curiosity. But When I Got To My Buddy List, This Is What Would Happen:

Weird, Huh?


Waddle On!

And As Always,

See Ya Around CP!


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