Mountain Expedition Finally Here!

Hey guys! It's Finally Here! The Moment we have all been waiting for... THE MOUNTAIN EXPEDITION!!!!!!!!!

As always, I am going to post the cheats for it!

First, go to the Ski Village, and Enter the big Entrance thing!

Once You get in, there will be a clothing stand; and next to it, there will be boxes that say "Free!"

Waddle over to them...

You Will receive this hat!

Its So Fluffy!!!!!!!! LOL!

Then, walk up the hill to where the Moderator Sign On Your Screen Is...

It will let you enter an ice room!

Walk over to this part:

Believe me, you'll recognize it when you get there!

(This Picture is how it is supposed to look when you are done with what I am about to tell you!)

Clear the Icicles by click on them all until they clear!

Now walk through it...

It will bring you to another room!

There is an axe on the left side kind of centered in the room. Click On it!

Then there will be a leaf on the left, stuck to the wall. Keep clicking on it until it dusts off the axe!

Now keep clicking on the axe until it cops down the tree! Like this:

Now through where those snowballs in the picture are: (Sorry i couldn't get a pic in time!)

They will fall onto the ice ledge, and fling the tree to the right. 

It will make a bridge for you! Walk across it...

You have reached the final room!

Waddle on over to the box with the flags... And:

Now lastly, Click on the camera at the VERY top ledge. You Will Get A Background!

Congratulations!!!!! You Have Completed The Mountain Expedition!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See ya Around CP!


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