Good News!

Hey guys!

Guess what? Good News!

I am going to get photoshop soon!!!!

That means better image editing, more banners, and awesome widgets!!!!!! I am so siked!!!!!

While I am talking, i just want to take a minute to recognize my fans and followers. I know I sound like every other person you have seen thank their fans, (lol!) but i really couldn't have gotten anywhere without you, and you keep me motivated to post almost every day, if not twice day!!! Shoutout to you guys!!!!! You rock!

As always...

See ya around CP!



  1. hey shringo id like to become an author of this blog i had a cheat site of my own infact im an ok pic but since well its cpparty mabey i can be a party manager and that stuff im a well liked guy people say im annoying ya.... dont belve that id like to meet u sometimes so ya i play roblox im a memebr so i can get hte memebr scoop and that so ya i wont five u my email intell we have confirmed it

  2. also i joined in late 2006 so i or 1365 days ago


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