Field Op 11 Cheats!

Hey Everyone! Here Are The Best Field Op Cheats That You Can Find! :D

First You Will Need To Become An EPF Agent! To Learn How To Do This, Click Here.

Now That You Have That, Pick Up Your Spy Phone In The Bottom Left Hand Corner:

Now Click "Go There"

Once You Get There, Walk Over To The Part In The Room Where It Says "Field Ops"

When You Get There, It Will Bring You To This:

It Looks Like A Speaker Got Messed With! Wo Do You Think It Was??? It Was Probably Herbert!

Anyway, What You Have To Do, Is Go To The Light House:


Now, Walk Over To The Stage, And Waddle On Over To The This Speaker: (In The Left Hand Bottom Corner, Right By Your Spy Phone!)


Now Once Your Spy Phone Starts To Have Green Flashing Lights, Pick It Up! To Complete The Puzzle This Time Around, You Have To Match The Circuits Together!


Match The Symbols Together Until You Have A Game That Looks Like This:


And Before You Know It...


Five EPF Points!!!!

And Look At What Happens As An Added Bonus!

You Get Tactical Gear! (To Get There, Click Elite Gear And Then On The Side, Click Tactical Gear Like This:


This Is What It Looks Like When You Get There:


(Sorry Non-Members! You Have To Be A Member To Get These Items!)

And Congratulations! You Have Completed  Field Op Number 11! :D

Waddle On!

And As Always, 

See Ya Around CP!

Club Penguin Party President

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