Field Op 10 Cheats!

Hey Guys!

Check it out! The CP Team Released A New Field Op! As Always, I will Bring You The Best Field Op Cheats You Will Find Out There!

First, Click On Your Spy Phone:

Click "Go There"

Once You Get There, Walk Over To The Field Op Station...

It Looks Like Someone Has Kinda Messed Up The Steamer In The Coffee Shop! We Gotta Help Fix It!

Click On "Except Field Op"

Now Go To The Coffee Shop...

(You Can Actually Just Click The Corner Of the Wall If Its Too Hard To Get Around The Crowd Of People That Will Probably Be There!)

Pick Up You Spy Phone Once It Starts To Ring:

And Fix The Circuitry! 

First Charge Up At The Starting Point:

And Visit All Four Points!

(Try Not To Get Shocked!)

And Make Sure You Stay There Until There Is A Green Circle In The Center!

Now Charge Up Again:

And Go To The Last Two Stations!

And Then...

Congratulations! You Completed Field Op #10!

Waddle On!

And As Always...

See Ya Around CP!


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