Catalog Cheats!

Hey Guys!

I Am Really Sorry That I Didn't Post These Earlier, But As You May Have Noticed, I Have Been Making A LOT  Of Changes To his Website! Well, With No Further Wait, Here They Are!

As You Can See, They Came Out With 2 New Catalogs! "Better Igloos", And "Igloo Upgrades"!
Better Igloos:
Unfortunately, There Is Only One New Cheat For It, But There Are A Bunch Of New Items!!! They Are Really Rare Too! Here They Are:

As For The Igloo Upgrades, They Brought Back The "Gym", And A Brand New House!!!! Here They Are:


Go Check Them Out!!! They Seem Really Cool!!!!

Well, Waddle On!

And As Always...

See Ya Around CP!

Club Penguin Party President

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