Respond to "How do you you tell if some one's a beta?"

"How do you you tell if some one's a beta?"

Well, that actually kind of a tuff question, but I'll do my best to respond. Beta penguins, if they don't have their beta hat on already, which looks like this:

They might have either a shamrock pin on their player card, (the first pin ever made) which looks like this:

(I know, so cool!)

Or, they could have a bulls eye background. This background is not a sure sign of a beta, but many betas have them on their player card, to show they are "rare". It looks like this on your player card:

One more way to tell if somebody is a beta penguin, is by if their name is lower-cased or not. When club penguin first started, you had the option to have your name any way you wanted! This is why most betas have lowercased letters in the beginning of their name.

(rsnail is one of the founders and creators of club penguin, but he is also a beta.)

Well, good luck finding them, and I hope this helps!

See ya around cp!

-Shringo (Club Penguin Party President)

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