New Play at the Stage!

Hey guys! Check out the new "Underwater Adventure" play at the stage!

Its seems so cool! Its is going to be so awesome when I finally get a couple of friends together and act it out! Check out what it looks like:

Pretty sweet, huh? I don't know why, but some how I feel like this is going to lead up to another water party! That would be so cool! The last water party looked like this:

They gave out the blue lei (for the second time), and the seashell necklace!

And of course, be sure to pick up your water adventure background at the stage!

Anyway, in other news, I have had a couple of pretty sick beta sightings on Club Penguin the past couple of days! Here they are!


And fuse!!!!

I met them on sleet, and Fuse is actually really nice!

It seems like they are going on more and more lately, because their igloos were both open yesterday!

Probo closed his before a was able to get a picture of it but here's proof of Fuses!

Well, until next time,

Waddle on!

-Shringo (Club Penguin Party President)

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