It's time to be knights with club penguin's rare Medieval Party!

Hey guys!

CP has been talking about it for months, and has finally come!

Club penguin only has this party once every couple of years, so be sure to get your penguin butt out there! It's a time of being a night, (or a princess!) and having fun!
Of course, I am going to tell you some of the secrets of the party!

-First, if your a member, go to the kings castle.
-Now Step on all five orbs

-Once you have done that, the gate at the end of the room will open
-Go in it
-Now the next step is to hit the targets 50 times
-(To make it go faster, hit "T" as a shortcut to throw snowballs)
-Once you have done that, at the very left of the room a gate will open
-Go in that too
-You will arrive at a maze
These are the directions:

-Go down
-Go left
-Go down again
-Go right
-Go right again
and finally...
-Go up

You will get to the kings thrown with a set of armor on it.
Walk up to it, and you will receive it!

Also, be sure to get the wizards hat, because its really rare! It's at the light house!

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