How to do G's Secret Mission!

1. The first thing you will have to do, is type in the word "Mogul" as the secret word, when G asks for it.

Then he will show you the sled. Click on it, and put it in your inventory!

Now bring the sled up to the top of the ski hill. You will have to take the sled out of your inventory, and bring it to the farthest hill. You will start to go down the hill, so steer with your mouse.

Once your bike is crashed at the bottom, (it eventually will!) You will come to this:

Take the survival giude in the middle of the page, and put it in your inventory.

Now look around until you find an O'Berry bush. Click on it. Now take the O'Berry, and put it in you inventory.

Now go to the room with the tree-stump in the middle, and you will come to a bunch of puffles. Once you click on them, they will all run away, except for the black puffle. Give the O'Berry to him.

Now he will start to follow you. Go to the right, until you see a cave. Go into that room, and then go into the cave!

Now go in to the cave, and click on one of the rocks around the circle in the middle.

Now come out of the cave and into the room with the stream. Once your there, you'll see a big log. Pick it up and put it in your inventory!

Now go back to the cave, and put it in the fire pit you have made with the rocks! Also, you have to put the survival guide in the fire pit too... Bye Bye survival guide! It should llok something like this as you are putting them in:

Now come out of the cave, and look for the room with the regular bush. There should be a ski in it. Click the ski, and put it in your inventory.

Now go into the room with the O'berry bush. In the tree pretty much strait ahead, there is a pot in it. Click on the tree a bunch of times, until the pot shakes out. Take it, and put it in your inventory.

Now go back to the room where you started. Use the left side arrow as much as you can, until you can't go any more. On the ground there is a rope. (It might be hard to see because it's partly under something!) Now pick that up, and put it in your inventory.

Now you should have enough items for the fishing rod! Attach the rope to the ski, and the ski to the O'Berry, and there you go! Now go over to the room with the river, and take out you fishing rod. Click on the water with it. It should look something like this:

Pick up the fish you got, and put it in your inventory. While your there, take the bucket and fill it with water in the stream.

Now go to the O'berry bush again, and get another O'Berry.

Now go back to the cave. While you're by the fire, give the O'Berry to your puffle. It will light the fire. Once the fire is lit, put the pale of water that you have on it, and then click on it again to drink it. It will look like this when you do all of this and put the items on the camp fire:

Now do the same thing with the fish:

And finally, as another Agent sees your smoke signal, You are saved.

Hopefully this helps!

See ya around CP!


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