System Defender

Hey penguins!

Recently, there was a new game added for EPF agents! It's called "System Defender". Here, I will show you what it is, and how to play it!

What is system defender?
System defender is a new game added to Club Penguin, and made to fight off enemy bots! These bots are mostly either from the Protobot, or Herbert! The best way to find out if there are new levels of the game, is by checking your messages on your spy phone!

How do I play system defender?
The object of the game is to pretty much destroy the enemy bots that are trying to hack/destroy our system. Here are some tips on how to play:

Cannons are your way of protection against the enemy bots. They are set up (plugged in) inside the tiny blue things lighting up next to the track.

Types of cannons:

Red cannons: These cannons shoot very fast at the bots
Yellow cannons: These cannons shoot very long distances, in order to catch straggling bots!
Purple cannons: These cannons shoot very slow, but are the most powerful of all the cannons
Energy: These are not cannons, but more as upgrades that you can add to your cannons. They will turn a regular cannon into twice as powerful as they already are!

Bots are the enemy. The are sent most likely from Herbert, the protobot, or any other head bot.

 Types of bots:
 Red bots: These bots come in large groups, but are mostly easy to handle in terms of being destroyed.
Yellow bots: These bots go super fast along the track, so be sure to set up lots of red cannons when they approach.
Purple bots: These bots are super strong, and can take lots of damage before being destroyed. The good think is, they move very slowly, so you don't have to worry about catching up to theme.
NOTE: Bots can, and will increase by size as the game goes on, so make sure to be ready!

Bottom Line:
Generally, you just want the bots to be destroyed before they get to the other side!

Well, that's about it! If you want to see the most recent system defender mission, click here. Otherwise:

Waddle on!


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