Rules For Our Forum

Hey all!

Thanks so much for visiting the site's rules page, because I really care about my readers, and wish to keep them all safe as they enjoy my site. Listed below are the rules that go for our forum AND chat:

√- Never post any inappropriate links, pictures, video's, or other content. If I see you doing any of the such, I have the right, and will, ban you.

√- Do not make any hate remarks about others. Remember, you don't realize what the effects can cause before you do it. Again, if I see anything of this sort being done, you will be banned.

√-DO NOT post any personal information. This includes real names, (first and last), your location, (city, street, address, etc.), and appearance. (How you look.) If I see any of the previous stated, you will be banned.

√- DO NOT use any bad language. We have users of all ages in our "Party Community", and I don't want anyone to be exposed to profanity. Plus, it's just wrong. I mean, you have no reason to curse anywhere, but especially not in a kids gaming site.

Thank you for taking the time to read and obey these rules. By doing so, you make you, and your peers much safer in the online world.

Waddle on!


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