How to get coins fast!

Hey guys!

I believe a  major problem in the Club Penguin community, is not begin able to get a lot of coins! Being an expert at the game (as you might have guessed!) I know a lot about getting coins! So... you're in the right place!

First things first,  you'll need to find a game that you enjoy playing, but also offers a large quantity of coins in return. I usually use cart surfer! Since I love cart surfer, I will use it in my example!

To start off, go to the mine. Then, walk into the mine shack, and waddle on over to the game!

The trick to this game, is not how to play it, but what tricks to use. The first thing you must know, is to always grind on turns. To grind, press the down key, and then a left or right key combined with it. 

The next thing you need to know, is to always go back and forth between two tricks. 
          -A flip: Down key + Spacebar
          -A spin: Spacebar + a Side Arrow

If you do these few things, you should be on the right track to getting over 400-500 coins per game!

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!



  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    Thank ya dear!(:

  2. hailee crouseMarch 25, 2013

    awesome thank you i always do like flips which you push the up key bar

  3. awesome, helped me finally get coins.


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