The Ultimate: Club Penguin Guide!

Hey all!

Are you new to Club Penguin? Don't you hate how everyone seems to know what to do, but you? Well I will fix that problem! Here I will be telling you the full guide to everything "Club Penguin"!

To start off, (after you have made your penguin), let's look at your interface:

1. This feature allows you to see all of what's new in Club Penguin! This newspaper is released usually every Thursday-Friday, and tells you all about upcoming events, recent things, new catalogs, and more!

2. This feature allows you to send mail back and fourth between you and your friends around the island! You can send mail such as "Hey There", or "Happy Holidays!"!

3. (Only Agents are allowed to see this part!) This phone is your spy phone. In order to have this spy phone, you have to have completed the EPF test, and made it into the force itself!

From your spy phone, you can:
→Check messages from other agents
→Find out about new field ops
→Call your elite puffle
→Check for new System Defender missions

4. This is your map. The map allows you to go anywhere on the island. It will let you also see all of the different rooms, before you go to them! Here is what your map will look like when you go on the actually game:

5. What are you feeling? Tell the other penguins on the island by putting one of these emotes up! 

To do that, just click on one of them, and it will appear over your penguin!

6. These are your penguins actions. They can make your penguin sit down (in any direction), dance, or wave! (PS: Some of these actions combined with certain clothes can result in certain special actions!) 

7. This button makes you throw a snowball! In order to do this, click on it, and then aim!

8. This button allows you to see what buddies you have, what penguin are online, or what buddies are online! To tell if a buddy is online look for the lit up smiley face next to the players name!

9. By clicking this, you can go to your igloo! Igloo's are totally customizable from the layout, to furniture! Here's mine:

10. This button is cool, because it tells you almost all of the "stats" of your penguin!

11. This is the moderator logo! There are Club Penguin moderators that go around the island, and make sure everyone stays safe! Unfortunately, you have to be at least 18 to work as a moderator, so our way of helping out is the *pssst* elite penguin force *pssst*! Here is the message that comes up when you click it:

12. This part was already mostly discussed before, but here you can see who is online, and your buddies!

13. This is the chat box! I like this part, because you can talk to any penguin you see, and you arent restricted to a list of terms like some other games. (You have to be on safe chat, not ultimate safe chat to use this feature!)

Now that we have completed the interface walkthrough, let's move to your player card!

Your player card is the way you keep track of your penguins appearance, how many coins you have, and which stamps you have! Here is what I mean:

It is all pretty much self explanatory! By clicking on the "All Items" button at the bottom right of your player card, you can choose what you would like to narrow down your clothes to! By clicking the stamp icon, you can see your stamp-book, and a bunch of other things! Cool, right? I love the player card. It's a super easy interface to figure out, once you play around with it a little!

Well penguins, I really hope this helped you out! Have fun waddling around the island a quite the expert! But, be sure to tell the other penguins who helped you... ME!! 

Until next time...

Waddle on!

And as always...

See ya around CP!


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