Club Penguin Books!

Hey all!

Ever wonder how to unlock special items or find out how people get things you've never heard of on Club Penguin? Well now's your chance to have those questions answered. Club Penguin Books are books that Club Penguin releases to tell you about upcoming events, and talk about Club Penguin! You can buy these books at Toys R Us, and other stores such as Target.

To unlock a book code, go to Club Penguin, and click on the little "Unlock items" button on the top right! This brings you to a page where they ask whether you have a book or a code. Click "I have a book!" and it will come up with something like this:

And once you enter your word...

Cool, huh? There's all different prizes for them too! For example, you may receive a book on your first time unlocking! 

Have fun using your book codes!

Waddle on!


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