Club Penguin Banana Peel Pin Cheat

This week is pin week, meaning that this week Club Penguin hides a new collectible pin, somewhere around the island. Most of us know Club Penguins routine, that we must wait two weeks for a new pin to release. Anyways, Club Penguin’s newest pin has the file name ‘Banana Peel’. Read below on where and how to find Club Penguin's newest pin.
Club Penguin’s newest pin named ‘Banana Peel Pin’ is located a the Coffee Shop, which you can enter via the Town. Then, on the red sofa closest to the door, you should see a banana peel. Waddle over to it, and you then have the option to receive the Banana Peel pin or not.
What are your thoughts about this new pin? Have you received it yet? Let us know your thoughts and opinions, in a comment below.

Club Penguin Homepage Update

As the Adventure Party is approaching, Club Penguin has updated their homepage with a new look. I’m not sure if this is the final homepage update for this month, as it really doesn’t promote the Adventure Party. Instead, it’s promoting the newest Club Penguin short, Rockhopper vs. the Giant Squid, also showing a squid on Rockhoppers ship in the background. Below, we’ve provided an image of this new homepage.
What are your thoughts about this homepage update? Let us know your thoughts and opinions, in a comment below.

Club Penguin New Igloo Experience Sneak Peek

While on Twitter today, I came across a tweet from the well-known Club Penguin moderator, Polo Field and he gave us a sneak peek of the new igloo experience maybe coming tomorrow. In the feature it shows that you can now like other penguins igloo's!

Thanks Polo Field!

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam 2012 Cheats

The Music Jam, now formally known as the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam has finally struck the Island this Thursday including special guests, CeCe, Rocky, Cadence and the well known Penguin Band. The party will rock the Island with music until July 31 so make sure not to miss any of the events going on!

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Cheats - Video Guide

This video recaps all of the party cheats that is currently going on at the Ultimate Jam party that was uploaded on to the Youtube channel, MrFoshizzel01. Don't forget to subscribe!

Every 20 minutes at the Epic Show which is specifically located at the Snow Forts, Cadence will perform on the stage with her single, "The Party Starts Now" along with the Penguin Band. You can even earn Cadence's and the rest of Penguin Band's stamps when they perform but unfortunately you can obtain their background or add them as a friend and have them in your buddy list.

Tracking Tips - Finding Cadence, Rocky & CeCe

Cadence, Rocky and CeCe like to chill at the Backstage (or V.I.P) lounge inside of the Epic Show stadium located at the Snow Forts. To be able to access the Backstage you have to become a member. Note: ask parents permission first if you want a membership as it does require money or other sequences. Rocky and CeCe like to check out other things around the Island such as going in the rooms, Cove, Forest, Mine Shack, Rooftop, Night Club, Backstage, Epic Show & the Snow Forts. 

What's the best room in your opinion at the Ultimate Jam? Let us know in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

Club Penguin Ultimate Jam Plaza Sneak Peek!

Thanks Happy77 for yet another Ultimate Jam sneak peek!

A couple minutes ago on Twitter, Happy77 (a club penguin moderator and blogger) tweeted from the Club Penguin twitter account and gave us a sneak peek of the Plaza during the Ultimate Jam. Is it always going to be dusk or is it just going with the usual time? And it seems like the Stage has been turned into an Audition Center. What do you think of the Plaza? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

Club Penguin Dup-step Pin Cheat

Club Penguin put out a new pin and hidden it somewhere around the Island this week. The new pin is called, "Dup-step" pin referring to the Dup-step puffle that has been floating around lately. The pin is located at the Hidden Lake.

1. Log on a server.
2. Open your map and go to the Forest
3. Waddle over to the rock in the left corner
4. Waddle over to the big Dupstep puffle

Once you waddle over to the pin this screen will pop-up. If you want to obtain the pin, click "Yes". If not click, "No"

Congratulations, you have obtained the new pin and you can now attach it to your Player Card. Just click your penguin, click the arrow, go to other items and click Pin/Flags and scroll to the bottom and you will see the Dup-step Puffle pin! Do you like the new pin? Share in the comment section below. 

-Foshizzel01 Author

Club Penguin Times Issue #351

Club Penguin has released a new issue of the very famous Club Penguin Times Newspaper today giving us more information about the party as it draws closer and closer. In the first article it talks about Cadence getting set to perform a concert at the Ultimate Jam with the famous Penguin Band and a couple of her friends, Cece & Rocky. Note that we don't know when and where they will perform until further notice when the date actually comes.

The second article talks about the official countdown until the party will be released, July 19. This article is submitted by Cadence and she, Rocky, and Cece are putting stages up everywhere around the Island. She also talks about for members that you can grab a V.I.P. pass and come chill with her in the Backstage!

And last but not least we have the Upcoming Events. Here's what is coming up on the Island.

On now! - Igloo Catalog - Featuring the latest and greatest igloo design, an abandoned warehouse!

On now! - Furniture Catalog - Time to jam! Set up your own dance studio  with new Igloo Furniture. Do it!

July 19: Music! Dance! Videos! Stars! Prepare for the ULTIMATE Jam!

There's also a new pin hidden around the Island to collect. But don't go scavenger hunting because we have the location in our next post! So stay tuned! So what do you think about the upcoming party? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

New Log Off Screen 2012

Today, while logging on to Club Penguin to check for updates, I decided to log off after I didn't see any improvement, but I noticed something when I logged off. There was a new log off screen of Cadence telling us to "Watch 4 my moves Thursday" cause of the new party starting July 19 (next Thursday) relating to the new Newspaper article saying she will perform a big show with the Penguin Band and she will sing her new song, "The Party Starts Now,":

I personally like the design, it kind of reminds me of a Halloween design Club Penguin did a while back. One thing I would change is the Green puffle and turn it into Cadence's "diva" puffle, Lolz. Anyways, do you like the design? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

Club Penguin - "Fruit Party" 2012 Coming In August

Today a couple of helping penguins told me about a "Fruit Party" article submitted by Club Penguin and a children's smoothie company named, "Innocent" and they are starting to begin a healthy eating promotion. Without further notice, Club Penguin has teamed up with Innocent and is currently creating a Fruit Party coming to Club Penguin in August. Part of the promotion is to make kids make the right decision and start eating healthy foods instead of fat un-healthy foods. The other part of this promotion is that Club Penguin will be providing several exclusive items that you can obtain by purchasing a pack of one of Innocent smoothies or fruit tubes. Each pack holds a code that you can unlock by going to Club Penguin's homepage and clicking on the "Unlock Item's Online!" icon in the bottom left corner. Once you enter the code you will receive a exclusive fruit item. There are currently 24 items and once you obtain the 24th item you will get an exclusive pineapple igloo! Unfortunately this party won't come around until late August. The last thing Club Penguin will be releasing is a smoothie game where you can arrange your very own smoothie! The full article is submitted below:

"Innocent smoothies has joined with Disney’s Club Penguin to help persuade children to eat more fruit.
Launching on 8 August and set to run on-pack as well as being supported through online, TV and social media activity, the promotion provides exclusive items to collect on virtual world Club Penguin.
Every pack of innocent smoothies and fruit tubes for kids will hold a unique code which kids can use to unlock three fruit-themed items, with 24 to collect, including a strawberry costume for their penguin, anorange MP3 player and kiwi armchairs; with a pineapple igloo being received when all gifts are collected.
Gurdeep Loyal, kids brand marketing manager at innocent, said: “Innocent for Kids has always focused on making healthy eating fun for kids. We’re excited about bringing consumers a new on-pack promotionand partnering with Club Penguin to bring this to life – through the fun fruit costumes, online party and smoothie game.”
Kids will also have the chance to win a trip to innocent’s Fruit Towers and have the chance to invent their own smoothies, as well as other prizes.
Bobi Carley, commercial director at Disneymedia+ UK & Ireland, added: “Reflecting the shared values of innocent and Club Penguin, we’re looking forward to launching a creative, integrated campaign that will be fun for innocent and Club Penguin fans, while promoting healthy food choices and active lifestyles.”
As part of the collaboration, character Captain Rockhopper will throw an ‘online fruit party’ from 22 August, which will provide the launch of a new in-world game inspired by innocent, in which players can mix their own smoothies."

From the looks of the picture above, Rockhopper will be visiting the island during the party! So, what do you think about the promotion Innocent and Club Penguin are doing? Share in the comment section below.

-Foshizzel01 Author

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Jam

Greetings Penguins! 

It's time for a little sneak peek of the next party coming to Club Penguin... the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam! 

There's a bunch of rooms with all-new decorations, and a few favorites from past Music Jam events. Check out the new Night Club (you might recognize it from the Cadence music video):

Dance Club.png

For those of you wondering, the Penguin Band will also be making a few rare appearances at the party. We'll keep you posted with some times to give you a better chance to meet them. 

So what are you most excited about at the Ultimate Jam? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

-Foshizzel01 Author